Tween Issue: She Wants to Shave Her Legs

mature, tweens, beautyWhen it comes to their tween (9-12 year old) daughters, I've heard so many mothers talk about feeling caught up in a web of emotion. Theirs and their daughters'. So the story goes, hormones start to course through her body--and your house.


Unpredicatable angry or sad feelings, a new self-awareness, a sudden interest in boys, any number of things can keep tween girls on edge--and their exasperated moms right along with them.

Of course, because mothers remember girlhood--and all the thrills, joys and  weird confusion that came a long with it--many of them empathize with their growing goddesses. Moms know the seriousness of cramps and crushes and...hairy legs? Yup, somewhere a mom is remembering the time, and feeling sorry for her hairy-legged, pre-teen daughter. So the question is:

If you had hairy legs as a girl yourself, and hated them, would let your 9-year-old daughter shave hers? Or is that just too young? For more on this topic and many other related to tween girls, apply to the private group Moms of  Pre-Teen Daughters.

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