Half or Full-Day Kindergarten. Which is Best?


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An anonymous mom asks a really important question. Regarding kindergarten, which is better, a half-day, where kids get less instruction but still have more family time, or a full-day, where your 4 1/2, 5 or 6 year old, spends approximately six hours a day in a structured learning environment? My kid is in a full day program, but I'll admit, he's a bit tired at 3PM (until that second-wind washes over him) and sometimes I wonder if he checks out at some point during the day.

It seems CM moms are split. Some of you like BabyBugsmama say full-day, "Unless you plan on teaching her things like how to spell her FULL name, her address, phone number, letters and how to identify them, how to count up to 100 by 1s 2s 5s & 10s." Others like milfalicious08 feel that a half-day works just fine. "My daughters school doesn't give us an option, it's just half day, and she does very well. She can spell her full name, she knows not only our phone number, but my mom's as well. She can count in English and in Spanish, and she's also learning some sign language, and she's only there for 4 hours out of the day," she says. What kind of kindergarten program works best for you and your budding scholar?

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Squea... Squeaker49201

Well, when my daughter was in kindergarten I didn't have a choice so we did half day.  I felt it was just fine.  She was a fast learner anyways and knew ALOT before she even went to school! 

How ever, My son is a slow learner who alos has ADHD.  I put him in a 1/2 day young 5's program last year which is kinda like a grade between preschool and K.  This year I wanted him to go to the full day program, because he does space out and get distracted easily.  I feel that by being there all day when he is focused at least he's at school and able to learn.  Vs.  being at a non structured daycare.

I have to say the choice for 1/2 day or full day should be based on you child's individual needs.

allyb... allybear2008

My daughter is in kindergarten now and she goes full days, thats all her school offers and i like it cause she is disabled and needs the extra help and starting this monday she will be going to an extended day program through the ALC twice a week after school and getting more help. So i am glad about that.

Autum... Autumnlover68

My son went to all day kindergarten and he loved it I like the idea of the all day because it prepares them for the rest of the years that they are in school.  The all day every day is great and our school system has been doing this for the past 5 years and all the parents I talk to think it is great. 

Not all schools do full day kindergarten but I think it is up to the parents and how the child does.  My son went to preschool the year before kindergarten and I think that also helped him with the separation anxiety issue.  Each parent and each child is different so I would have to say you would have to see how well or not so well your child does.

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