Homework Help: How Much Do You Give?


My boys aren't heavy into homework yet, so there's a part of me that's really excited about doing homework. But other mothers who are inudated with homework, particularly those with more than one child, can feel overwhelmed by it.


An anonymous mother asks, How often do you help your kids with their homework?

Some of the responses were helpful to hear, and were a reminder that for the most part, homework should be a relatively independent exercise:

I sit with my son at the table while he does his homework, but I do not help him unless he asks me to. I check his work when he is done, and I tell him which ones he needs to correct. I have started to just tell him he got X number of problems wrong, or X number of words spelled wrong, and having him figure out which ones they are.-- tropicalmama

I help them find the information they need to figure it out, only if they ask for my help. I check the homework as soon as it is finished and have them correct any mistakes. We are getting to the point where I asked them to double check it before they give it to me.-- MomShawn70

Let's talk. Where are you on the homework spectrum?

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