Rude Kid? Call Miss Manners

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She's so clearly a sweetie!

No one likes to take the blame, but in the case of rude children, one pediatrician says parents must. "Sure, certain social rubrics have broken down or blurred, and sure, electronic communication seems to have given adults as well as children new ways to be rude. But the age-old parental job remains, " Dr. Perri Klass writes in the New York Times.


She continues: "And that job is to start with a being who has no thought for the feelings of others, no code of behavior beyond its own needs and comforts — and, guided by love and duty, to do your best to transform that being into what your grandmother (or Socrates) might call a mensch. To use a term that has fallen out of favor, your assignment is to “civilize” the object of your affections."

We all know this in theory, but rude kids seem to grow themselves. Well, Dr. Klass has a tip for us--a book called "Miss Manner's Guide to Rearing Perfect Kids." Can you imagine? Along with the diaper bag the hospital gives you, there's this book. Right.

Truth is, Miss Manners is onto something. Dr. Howard, another pediatrician in the article suggested that "the whole 'manners' concept might seem a little out of date — until you recast it as 'social skills,'  a very hot term these days. Social skills are necessary for school success, she pointed out; they affect how you do on the playground, in the classroom, in the workplace," he says in the Times.

So in the end, social skills and manners are the same thing. A simple Please, Thank You, and May I, can take Lil Johnny farther than you imagined.

Do your children have good manners? Do you think it will matter down the road?

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