Tweens in the Kitchen

food, kitchen"My son just turned 12, I let him cook pizza in the oven, " shares danni33. But mom admits that when it comes to letting her son turn on the stove to boil the water for his Ramen Noodles, she just doesn't have the nerve.


So, help or a hindrance, that is the question. The kitchen is no place for aloofness or mess, but then again, an extra set of hands can be a great thing. No wonder other mothers of tweens had a variety of opinions on the subject of kids in the kitchen.

When asked if they let their tween cook, here's what some moms had to say...

NO they make a mess. They can make sandwiches, get chips, something to drink, heat left overs or frozen microwave food. Cooking, nope.-- gemgem

My son is 10 (will be 11 in March) and just recently started helping me out in the kitchen every evening making dinner. Before, I allowed him use of the microwave and popping pizzas in the oven, but he has really started showing an interest in cooking. By helping me and allowing me to show him more and more each day, I am confident that in no time he will be able to use the stove unassisted. Don't get me wrong, it will be a long time before I trust him to use the stove when I am not home, mainly because of the risk of fire, but I know that the more I can teach him in the kitchen now will increase my confidence for when that day arrives.-- Jen528

I start teaching them at 7. My 10 year old cooks all sorts of things. He's making pizza for dinner tonight (he LOVES to cook!). He made the dough, let it rise, put the sauce on, cooked the sausage, etc. He's been boiling water forever so to me that really doesn't soundlike a big deal. Started cooking at that age too.-- Pauline3283

Do you let your tween cook?

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