5 Tips to Survive the Recession

saving money, paper towelI knew he'd agree. Frugaldad (now one of my fave go-to sites for real-people money advice) also uses cloth towels/napkins. Yes! See my Saving Money in Small Ways post.


Actually, on the subject of surviving a down economy, recession, or whatever you call this collective financial crisis, frugal dad has 75, that's right, 75 tips. Lucky for you, I've boiled them down to five. For me it was easy, I just focused on the tips that our kids need to be on board with. Doesn't mean they'll love them, in fact, they most likely won't. But each of these random money-saving tips could be actually the place to jumpstart a serious talk with the kids about sacrifice.

Check out my 5 picks.

  • Switch to cloth napkins. I’m not sure why it took a down economy for this one to dawn on me, but cloth napkins are a great alternative to paper napkins, which increase waste and add to our non-food budget.
  • Scale back the cable. We’ve been living the last six months with only basic cable, and don’t miss any of the expanded cable channel offerings. Cable bill went down from $40 to $12 with this move alone.
  • Wash your own car. Our town has one of those automated car washes and for $9.00 you can get “the works.” Essentially, it is a wash, wax and application of tire shine. I’m pretty sure I can do it for less. Better yet, employ the kids and let them earn a little extra money this summer.
  • Water down juices. When we open a new apple juice for our kids we pour up half in the old container and add about 1/4 - 1/2 container of water to each bottle. This makes each new bottle last a little longer, and dilutes the grams of sugar and calories per serving.
  • Say no to fast food. Unless you hit the dollar menu exclusively, fast food can add up. Consider the cost of a combo meal for four people versus sandwiches, chips and drinks from home.

And my one extra frugaldad tip for good luck?

  • Make your own Play-Doh. Kids can find many hours of enjoyment from a homemade play-doh recipe, and it’s a cheaper than buying it from the store.

Now that's frugal! Do you have any money-saving tips to share?

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