Overweight Kids Have Fewer Cavities

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You might not have guessed this, but overweight children have healthier teeth than normal weight kids, a recent Journal Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, shows.


According to the New York Times, researchers at the Eastman Dental Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center analyzed data from nearly 18,000 children and found that, "among youngsters ages 2 to 5, there were no differences in rates of tooth decay. However, among children ages 6 to 18, those who were overweight or at risk for becoming overweight had fewer cavities than kids of normal weight."

The Times further states: "The findings don’t mean being overweight protects teeth, but they do raise questions about the differences in foods eaten by overweight children compared to their normal weight peers. It also debunks the stereotype of the overweight child who binges on cavity-causing candy and sugary foods. One theory is that overweight children may actually be eating fewer cavity-causing sweets than normal weight kids and instead overeating fatty foods."

Does your child have healthy teeth? What do you think about this report?

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