Airplane Safety: Would You Let Your Child Fly Alone?

aiplane safety, kid fly aloneNews of a plane crash always rocks me to my core. Even though, intellectually, I fully understand that riding in a car is far more potentially hazardous to your health than flying in a jumbo jet any day, I still get all freaked out and upset when a plane goes down. Part of it is that I dream of traveling the world--and I recognize that an irrational fear of flying won't help that goal.


When I first heard about US Airways flight #1549 crashing into New York's Hudson River (thank goodness for the miraculous ending!), I thought about any children aboard. Were any of them alone? I wondered. Flying on a plane is a part of American life for many families. I was a teen the first time I flew alone, but now that my parents live in the US Virgin Islands, I'm sure I'll be boarding my sons on a flight without me long before they are teenagers. My girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter hops flights between Detroit (grandma) and NY (mom) like it's a schoolbus. She's never had a problem.

How do you feel about the idea of older kids flying alone? Would you let your child do it?

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