Kids and Underappreciated X-mas Gifts

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Not ready to give up on the new scooter altogether. But I certainly expected a bit more enthusiasm than it's gotten. We bought the scooter for my 5-year-old for Christmas because we just knew it would be a hit.


Lots of children at my son's school breeze by in the mornings, geared up and ready for class. While I didn't think he'd be like those kids (we drive to school a distance and it's cold here), I just assumed his natural interest in the shiny scooter would at least have him riding around in the house until I had to scream, "Get off that thing!"

I wish. The poor little scooter is just leaning up against a wall, waiting for a friend. Maybe it'll get lucky in the spring.

Are you children loving their X-mas gifts? Are they dusty? Or already broken? LOL!

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