Saving Money in Small Ways

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I hate to waste paper towels. Aside from the fact that using them isn't the greenest habit in the world, they are also ridiculously over-priced. My kids know not to take their limited paper-towel access for granted. We use cloth towels in the kitchen for most everything. It saves trees--and money.


Saving money in small ways can seem quirky--even cheap--but for a lot of families, (hello!) it makes a big difference. Smart Dad blogger frugaldad always has an interesting take on money-saving matters, and he nailed it when he brought up the movies and the BYOC policy. That is, Bring Your Own Candy. He asked his readers if this is something they do, and admitted that he has in the past--but now, curiously, thinks twice about it. (Read his reasons why.)

And to think I didn't even know there was another way! My family is embarrassing at the movie theatre. Someone always carries a loaded, seemingly bottomless duffle bag of a purse, and when the lights go out, we snack until our hearts' are content. This is because when you see the prices of concession stand snacks, you think crazy thoughts like: Buy the kid Twizzlers or send him to college?

Do you bring your own candy and snacks to the movies? How do you save money in small ways?

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