Would You Buy Condoms for a 14-Year-Old Boy?


conoms, sex, teensRight to the point.  sansdoubt's husband--her 14-year-old son's stepfather--revealed to her that her son asked him for condoms.

"They have had many conversations about sex before. Some that I'd known about, others that my husband told me about, but not my son. We are thrilled he chooses to talk to his step-dad and don't want to betray his confidence by telling him I hear everything anyways, but I want to yell, ARE YOU NUTS?" she writes.

In the end, her husband bought them but advised the boy to think first. "There's more to lose than virginity," he said. So true.

What would you have done? Would you buy condoms for a 14-year-old boy?

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MNMom... MNMom247365

I would... I would also have a discussion about other ways to take care of his natural human urges, the consequences of having sex even with a condom, and the responsibility that comes along with having sex. I will also remind him that ultimately it is his life and his decision and remind him that I trust him. Then secretly pray like crazy that he wouldn't have sex at 14!!!!

rlemde rlemde

Think it would depend on the 14 year old. If Matt was asking me or his dad for them b/c he was having unprotected sex and wasn't wanting to quit, then ok. But a part of me just wants to say "you're thinking you're big enough for sex you're big enough to find a legal way to obtain them. And don't make me a grandmother. Or get AIDS."

Angkay07 Angkay07

My son on his own accord bought himself an abstinence ring, just a silver band that he picked up at walmart. He told me what he isn't going to do as he isn't ready for that type of relationship he loves having a girlfriend and just being close without that "stress" as he has other things he needs to focus on with school and college. I was so proud of him for making that choice on his own.  However, its a challenging decision to make as parents you want them to do what they know is right and at 14 how are they suppose to realize that it isn't time for that, they have so much they could lose.  Good luck.


When I was in HS, boys used to have condoms in their wallets and one day one of them reveiled to me that his actually dry rotted once.  If you sit back and notice girls are all over him then yep I'd worry about the condoms.  I would go on and give him one, let his step dad teach him how to use them.  I remember in school people were drinking and sexually active in the ninth grade if not before.   I don't know if this answer actually helps, I am just remembering when I was in school.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

Umm NO--If he's big enough to have sex, then he's big enough to buy them himself.

megkel megkel

I was one of those teenagers who swore off sex until I was older. I never felt the want/need to have sex nor had the relationships that would make me feel that way. It wasn't until I was 16 almost 17 that I did sleep with my boyfriend ( we dated for a year). My parents believe that by giving a child bc you are telling them it's okay to have sex. I never had access to bc unless I bought condoms myself. The second boyfriend I had (now my husband) I got pregnant by right after I graduated high school. If my parent's would have offered my the chance to see a dr and get bc I would have done so. I plan on offering our daughter the choice of bc when she feels she is ready to have sex. Yes I will be upset if she asks to go on it at 14, but I wouldn't want to break her trust. Also I know from personal experience that it wouldn't stop her from having sex, just stop her from protecting herself.

Chris... Chrissy629

If he is asking for them I would buy them. He may just want to look cool with them in his wallet. But I would much rather be a mother who buys her son condoms then a 43 year old grandmother.

Acid Acid

No I wouldn't.  But, then again, maybe I am a prude or something.

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

YES! Condoms are absolutely necessary. He IS too young to be having sex...but if he asked for condoms, he is showing he wants to be responsible. He has to get them somehow--I would buy them. Don't let him get a girl pregnant OR get an STD,AIDS,whatever.

MamaM... MamaMakinMoney

i think that if the 14 year old was going to have sex... either way if you bought them or not... hed still have sex.  SOO i would buy them, that way you know he is being safe!! either way, if he wants to do it, he most likely will... id rather have my son be open with me and be able to talk about that type of stuff with him than to one day have a pregnant girlfriend come home with him...and me not even knowing hes HAVEING sex...that would be a shocker!

just my opinion

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