Teen Girls and Older Guys: What Would You Do?

privacy, secrets, teensScenario: Your 11-year-old daughter has been close friends with 12-year-old Molly since the school year began. Molly's been to the house a few times, you like her mom well enough (although you're not exactly friends). All-in-all, Molly's a sweet girl, if a little mature. She's way into manicures, wears a padded bra she hardly needs, talks about how "cute" belly rings are, and texts boys a lot.  When you find out she's got a 16-year-old big sis, it all makes sense. Molly's no problem kid, she's an impressionable pre-teen.


But your daughter walks into your room one night, sits on your bed and says, "Mom, you can't tell anyone and you can't get mad. Promise. It's about Molly." Now you're concerned.

"What?!," you say.

Turns out Molly's got an older "boyfriend" and they already "hooked up."


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