I Want More Kids, I Think. Do You?

photo by Punkylu78

And you're thinking: Odd topic for the Big Kids channel.

Well, without going into the drama of the conversations I've had with my husband about this (which are more like monologues because he's so adamantly against it that he has nothing to say), what I need to share is that my decision not to have more children has little to do with him--and everything to do with the kids I already have--and money.


If someone were to ask me, "If you had more money would you have more kids?" the answer would likely spill right out of my mouth--YES! Not kids, but kid. I'd have one more for the very reason (not necessarily intellectual reason), another blogger mom I found offered. When she's at her dinner table with her two kids and husband, sometimes she looks around and thinks to herself, "Is everyone here?"

I hate that I know exactly what that feels like. It's not so much a burning desire, but more a nagging afterthought. I feel far from empty, but somehow, in my heart I don't feel completely full when it comes to children either. In my pocketbook, however, it's pretty clear that I ought to.

Case in point: I never got the Lion King on Broadway tickets for my 5-year-old, Lion King obsessed-son as I'd been planning for months (and mentioned here several times). See, I'd wanted both my husband and I to take him because I just know that my kid's reaction is going to be something priceless that we both have to witness. Long story short, spending the nearly $600 bucks on 2-hours of fun has been impossibly hard to rationalize in this economy.

So you ask how big kids tie into this post. Well, if we can't go see the Lion King without a new baby, what would my kid have to give up with one?

If you had more money, would you have more kids? Or is money not a huge concern for you when making that decision?

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