Age Appropriate Responsibility: What Can a Kid do For Himself?

responsibility, kindergarten

photo by socal1972

Some of you may recall my occasional rants about my 5-year-old and his not-so-enthusiastic wiping. Most of the time, okay, every time, I end up wiping his rear. Tying his shoes? I do that too. Zipping up his jacket? Yes, that would be me.


This morning, we get to school and what do you know? His bookbag with his work for the very first part of the day is at home! I specifically talked to him at length, this morning even, about being sure he had the backpack. "This is your responsibility," I warned. "If you leave it, you will be the one unprepared, not me."

I know, I know. He's just a kid. But taking responsibility for even the smallest things just doesn't seem to be on his agenda. So after dropping my younger son off at preschool across town, I had to fly home to get my kindergartner's bag, bring it back to the school, argue with the security guard that it can't wait an hour in the main office until someone can bring it to the class, and then fly back home to work. I'm done.

 a_and_j_momma probably understands what I'm going through. Her 7-year-old loses everything and whenever she asks where his things, say homework, might be...shoulder shrug. Urrrrggghhh!

If anyone out there knows of constructive ways to get a generally smart kid to take the slightest bit of pride in doing something--anything--for himself, please let me know!

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