Chuck E Cheese's: Adults Fight at Kids Parties

Surviving birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese's is a mom rite-of-passage...isn't it? I mean sure, if I had my choice of restaurants I might choose a place with one or two fewer video games--and perhaps I'd pass on a mechanical over-sized mouse as entertainment--but when it's not my call, I bring my boys to birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese's with no hesitation.


Too bad for the popular family establishment that reports of adult fights at the kid places have escalated such that wrote a scathing piece about it. According to the report, in Brookfield, Wis., no restaurant has triggered more calls to the police department in 2008 than Chuck E. Cheese's. And that's not the only city to report adult violence at the pizza places.

From the story: It isn't clear exactly how often fights break out at Chuck E. Cheese's 538 locations. Richard Huston, executive vice president of marketing for the chain's parent company, CEC Entertainment Inc. of Irving, Texas, describes their occurrence as "atypical," saying he has heard of "four or five significant adult altercations" this year. But in some cities, law-enforcement officials say the number of disruptions at their local outlet is far higher than at nearby restaurants, and even many bars. "We've had some unfortunate and unusual altercations between adults at these locations," Mr. Huston says. "Even one is just way too many."

Have you ever witnessed adults misbehaving at child-friendly locations?

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