Beat The Rainy Day Blues This Summer With Classic Movies On HBO Max

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Now that it’s officially summer, we’re all trying to spend as much time outside as possible. If you have kids, you’re probably using the nice weather to get them outside all the time! Whether you like to have picnics in the backyard, read books on the porch, or just play with toys on the front lawn, we can all appreciate the beauty of spending time outside with your kids. Gabby Farrington’s days are busy — with three little girls at home, she has her hands full. In the summer, Gabby and her daughters love to play outside and soak up the sunshine. 

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When bad weather rolls in, they’re all stuck indoors. Gabby homeschools her daughters, so she normally has a ton of creative ideas for activities, games, and crafts that will keep her girls entertained. Sometimes, though, the girls get bored. Luckily, Gabby knows exactly what to do in these situations: she turns to HBO Max!

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While her youngest daughter rests, Gabby gets to spend time with her older girls. And during those rainy summer days, Gabby is using HBO Max to introduce her daughters to all her favorite classic movies — like The Wizard of Oz

Watch the video to see how Gabby uses HBO Max to beat the rainy day blues!

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