Taking Kids to Live Sporting Events

football fan

photo by Sidonie

Even if I tried, I wouldn't be able to ignore all the NFL playoff excitement in my house. I don't fight it anymore, in fact, cheering with the boys has become my Sunday fun. Still, watching football players duke it out (especially in the snow) is one thing; watching them play in the snow while you sit in the stands in the snow, is something else! Fans are crazy--and kid fans are craziest!


Really, going to live sporting events with the kids can be some of the most memorable fun a family can make. Next year my hubby and I are planning to get to at least one pro baseball, basketball and football game with the boys. But before then, I'm joining the CM group Moms who love the NFL! Talk about a personal transformation.

What is your family sport? Who's your team? Have you ever taken your kids to a game?

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