20 Kids Who Are Stepping Up & Making a Difference

Mandy Velez | Apr 21, 2020 Big Kid
20 Kids Who Are Stepping Up & Making a Difference
Image: Obocho's Closet/Instagram

child mask business
Obocho's Closet/Instagram

The entire world is in the middle of a health crisis, with the US now bearing the brunt of some of the worst caseloads to date. The news is constant and almost always grim (or strange). But like Mister Rogers is quoted as saying, the key to maintaining hope is to find the helpers. Right now, the helpers are doctors and nurses and those in grocery stores and other essential workers. But some helpers out there are also kids who are giving back

We found some kids who are starting businesses to help others, like producing and sewing masks or 3D printing other protective equipment for front line workers. And we also found kids who, in big and small ways, are making the world a happier place during this time. From raising money to feed people in need by dancing to creating works of sidewalk art -- in driveways or on the side of a house -- these helpers will help us get through this pandemic with hope. Feel free to support their endeavors or cheer them on. Whatever happens, just maintain hope.

  • The Boy Who Is Sewing Face Masks


    Face masks have been deemed recommended wearing in public during social distancing, but with them so in demand it can be hard for some folks to get their hands on one. Luckily for all of us, a boy who runs his own thrift store, aptly called Obocho's Closet, shifted gears and started sewing masks for those who need them.

  • The Boy Scout Who Made 3D-Printed Ear Guards


    Boy Scout Quinn Callander may be 12, but he's invented something incredible and useful for front line workers. He noticed how the masks that doctors and nurses had to wear for hours irritated their ears and found a way to 3D print a device that alleviates some of that pressure from their faces: ear guards, which he calls Ear Savers. 

  • The Family That Created a Drive-Thru Conversation Line


    Social distancing is rough on a lot of us, introverts a little bit, but extroverts a lot. To help maintain some sort of neighborly love and community, the Roush family from Ohio created a drive-thru chat line specifically for this socially distant time. People can drive by the front of their house and have a little human interaction (safely.) 

    Mom Corrine told Tanks Good News site: "We’ve had our ‘drive thru chat’ up for a week now and we’ve had dozens of visitors including our local police, the kids teachers and several neighbors we’ve never met! Several people have told us that it was the highlight of their day and it’s just been so wonderful to be able to talk face to face.”

  • The Girl Who Started a Dance-A-Thon for Charity