20 Low-Prep Activities You Can Do in the Backyard With Kids

Genny Glassman | Apr 10, 2020 Big Kid
20 Low-Prep Activities You Can Do in the Backyard With Kids
Image: lisegagne/iStock

kids running through sprinklers

Now that we're spending more time inside the house than ever, it's become crucial that parents come up with a wide range of ideas for the kids. But let's get real, even a grade-A Super Mom can't come up with new, fresh, fun ideas 24/7. How many times can kids really play hair salon or, our favorite game, who wants to help Mom wash the dishes? Or worse, how many hours of the day do we really want to stick them in front of the TV or let them play on their Nintendo Switch? (No judgment if the answer is as many hours as they'll sit there.) Sometimes it's good to get outside the house and get some fresh air -- especially now that the weather is starting to warm up. But what can we really do with our kids if we want to spend the day in the backyard but don't have many supplies on hand to keep them entertained all afternoon long? 

For now, the park is a no-go, but there are many ways to make the backyard *feel* as fun as the park or maybe a day at summer camp. First, take inventory. What's in the house already? What can perform double duty and become part of a fun outdoor activity? Then consider how much time the activity will take. Is this going to be a full day outside? Can this be done without parental supervision? If it seems hard to come up with the perfect plan, don't stress out! We did a little digging to come up with 20 amazing, totally fun outdoor ideas that don't require a trip to Target. Instead, try to use what's already in the house to create the perfect playdate with mommy and daddy. Take a look at these great low-key backyard activities and be amazed at how a day of fun in the sun doesn't need to break the bank.