Good Kid, Bad Crowd

Before she retired, my mother worked in the criminal justice system, and she'd always make jokes about how no mother ever thought their kid was the problem--it was always "the bad crowd" that was the influence.


In fairness, that is the case a lot of the time. Of course, no mom knows every single thing their child does and says throughout the course of the day, and we all think our kids are angels, but let's face it, some kids have "home training" and some don't. There is definitely such thing as a good kid getting caught up in a bad crowd.

hieverybody believes her tween daughter is starting to fit that profile. "I'm worried about some potential behaviors that could send her down the wrong path, " she says. Her girl has become hostile when questions are asked of her, and now mom's at a sincere loss for what to do.

How can a mother pry her child away from a bad crowd and steer her kid back in the right direction?

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