A 5-Year-Old Emotional Eater?

This is one of those compare notes/I really need advice posts. My 5-year-old son is a gulper. He eats an entire plate of food and finishes well before anyone at the table. While some mothers are trying to figure how to get their kid to eat, I'm wondering if mine eats too much. Sometimes it seems like he swallows stuff whole!


Right now, he isn't overweight--and if I can help it, he never will be. We are a pretty healthy eating family, although I'm not obsessive about it--which is to say, sure, we have the occasional pizza or Chinese food ordered in. But my son often complains of being hungry and sometimes, it's not even long after we've eaten. As it is his portions are growing, "Mom, can I have more chicken?" "Another peanut butter and jelly sandwich please."

So far I haven't been able to say no to his food requests, even though there are times when I just know he can't actually be hungry. Because what if he is?

Could a 5-year-old  be an emotional eater already? Help!

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