20 Kids Sneakers To Kick Off the School Year on the Right Foot

Mandy Velez | Jul 29, 2019 Big Kid
20 Kids Sneakers To Kick Off the School Year on the Right Foot
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Back-to-school time isn't here yet, but back-to-school prep time is. Sales for the new school year have already begun, actually. From Target to Kohl's, Amazon and more, there are marked down items that kids will likely need for the new school year. Supplies is a big one on that list, as are back-to-school clothes, because there's that first day of school photo to take! But what about back-to-school shoes? Shoes have been a back-to-school/fall staple for forever, yet they are rarely as talked about as everything else (cough cough, supplies.) Well, we want to change that. Shoe styles are changing just as much for adults as they are for kids, and it's fair if moms need some help figuring out what kind to get. Sneakers are a blanket term, but there are a lot of different brands and styles from which to choose.

There are basic running shoes, "basketball" style shoes, and the more fashion-first shoe. We searched among all of these styles in kids' sizes to see what was out there ahead of the new school year. And luckily, there's a mix of all of the above. Each shoe not only has its own aesthetic but functionality as well. All of the options we found provide comfort to the wearers. After all, they will all be active in some way, whether it's in gym glass or a walk to the school bus. We included some shoes that are more suited for runners or athletes. Others are classics. And others are straight up cute or fun (with support, of course)! 

Like clothes, shoes are a way for kids to express their individuality and style while also protecting their feet. It's never too early to start peaking around or stocking up. Given how fast styles change -- and kids' feet grow -- there may be no other choice. Check out the shoes below and make sure anyone going back to school starts off the year on the right foot.

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