Sex Offender Lives Next Door

It's hard to imagine something more disturbing than a registered sex offender moving into your neighborhood. But that's exactly what has happened to TwilightMadCat. In fact, in her case, the person in question lives next door; he moved into an empty trailer less than 100 yards away from her house. As a survivor of sexual abuse herself, Twilight is completely freaked out. She wants to know what to do.


The residency laws for registered sex offenders vary from state to state. But the first thing I think Twilight should do is contact her police department and confirm that what's she's heard is real--and then ask what can be done. Actually, in some cases, a "sex offender" is someone who had sex with a 15 year old when they were 18. Obviously, that's not exactly the same as a child molester. CM mom BryRon makes an important point:

I've looked up the registered sex offenders in my area (13) and the majority of them had sex with a minor (like the 18 to 15yr old scenario above). Yes, a couple of them had rape charges, but I didnt see any child molestation charges. Having said that, it sure doesn't make it any easier to know they are there. I watch my kids very closely and talk about the dangers of strangers and what to do if someone approaches. Prevention and awareness are your kiddos best defense.

What would you do if a sex offender moved into your neighborhood?

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