Child Safety: Do You Leave Your Child in the Car?

Every year we hear stories about something bad happening to a child left unattended in a car. It's a controversy that mothers debate about endlessly.


Some mothers like micrespo feel like it is the ultimate in poor judgement: You never know what could happen when you leave your child in the car alone...even if it's only for a second. The child could play with the gears and start the car, someone could snatch your child, your child could lock you out of the car if you left your keys in the ignition. It's just not worth the risk. I say take your children in with you or find a sitter and leave them at home.

But other moms like MammaMia72 freely admit doing it: I have done it. I am so sick of mothers (and other people) bashing about it. If you are near and can reach the child in a second, I see no problem (especially if they are older children). This gets discussed to death, though, and it can get pretty out of control. My motto is and always has been, as a parent, to use your best judgment. You can "feel" when something is wrong or dangerous. Go on the instinct.

For obvious reasons, the discussion about unattended kids in the car focuses on babies and toddlers. But as mammamia addressed, what about big kids? Would you leave your older child in a car alone?

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