Here's the 1 Move That Could Prevent a Child From Getting Snatched Up by a Kidnapper


In the wake of the horrific incident at the Mall of America in which a 5-year-old boy was brutally thrown off a third-floor balcony, parents are hyper aware of the sad fact that even though their children might be next to them, they aren't exempt from harm. The mother and young boy were standing near a balcony when the mom noticed the attacker, identified as Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, was inching closer and closer to them. After she asked if they were in his way, the attacker grabbed the boy and hurled him to the first floor. 

Although the boy thankfully did not die form the fall, he suffered some pretty serious injuries but is on his way to recovery. The fact that he was grabbed from right under his mother's nose is enough to send chills up any parent's spine -- but what is one to do if someone swipes at your child that fast?


According to safety expert Steve Kardian, there is one thing moms can do to help ward off even the strongest attackers. Check out and memorize the potentially life-saving move shown here: 

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