Artists Brighten Kids' Days By Painting Over Their Casts

casted kids
Inside Edition

Breaking an arm just as the weather is getting nicer when you're a kid is like living in the seventh circle of hell. Immediately their bike-riding, pool-swimming days are long gone until they can get their casts sawed off. There is little joy in breaking a bone, save for one thing: getting to decorate the cast. Growing up, we asked people to sign our casts, but a group of lucky kids are definitely not going to want anyone near their casts, thanks to a few local artists. 

Visual artists Catlanta and Julio Ceballos spent some time at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and created pretty elaborate works of art on two boys' casts -- infusing a ton of talent and the kid' personalities. Another artist, Yoyo Ferro, covered 12-year-old Kennedy's prosthetic legs in elaborate  sunflowers -- which were based off of her own design. The kids were blindfolded while the artists worked, but when it was time for the big reveal to happen, each of their reactions was priceless. 


Check out their masterpieces (and the kids' adorable reactions) here: 

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