Teachers Likely Didn't Intervene In 5th Grader's Fatal Classroom Fight for an Infuriating Reason


Schoolyard altercations may seem like "innocent" drama, but the story of a fifth grader in Walterboro, South Carolina, about an hour's drive west of Charleston, is proving otherwise. Raniya Wright, a 10-year-old student, died two days after a classroom altercation. Sadly, the case is still shrouded in mystery. School officials and authorities haven't released much information, and results from the autopsy performed on Friday won't be in for several weeks. 

"Our board and district have received multiple requests for information. Due to the ongoing investigation and student privacy laws, we cannot share specific details at this time," School Board Chairman Tim Mabry said in a prepared statement reported by CNN affiliate WCSC.

Authorities described the fight as a physical altercation between two fifth grade students that involved no weapons. Although we don't know what sparked the fight, what injuries Wright sustained, or how long the fight went on, we do know no one has been criminally charged and it occurred in the classroom.


The little bit that we do know leaves Wright's parents, the community, and really the world at large wondering: Why didn't anyone step in and stop the brutal attack? According to Inside Edition, what may have prevented teachers from intervening is enough to make any parent's blood boil.

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