2 Weeks After Losing Her Leg, This 8-Year-Old Was Back in the Dance Studio

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girl with prosthetic leg
Inside Edition

When adversity strikes, some of us can't help but curl up, shrink back, and take the hit. But then there are those of us, like 8-year-old Tessa Puma, who don't let anything hold us back. According to Inside Edition at just 6 years old, Puma contracted strep, which ultimately made its way into her bloodstream. The disease caused a flesh-eating bacteria that would eventually lead to her leg being amputated just above the knee. The vivacious girl was given just a 20 percent chance of survival, but two years later she's not only surviving -- she's thriving. 

A week after getting her prosthetic leg, she was walking. A week after that? She was back in the studio. And today? Well, see for yourself: