I'm soooo glad jll1484 posted this question. She wants to know if she has to invite her son's entire class (and daycare center class, good grief!) to his birthday party. It's a tough one for sure. Come birthday time, you may feel like you want to be all PC about things and not offend anyone, but then again, who has the space/time/energy/cash to host a mini-brigade?!

Just last weekend, my kindergarten son's class had a first official playdate in the park. The idea was that all of us moms (and dads) would get to know each other and give the kids some outside-of-school time to bond. Well, it rained! Don't you know a brave mother invited us all over to her house on the fly? I was very, very impressed by her generosity, we each brought over a little something to snack on, and to my estimation in the end it turned out great. (Except, of course, I wasn't there for the clean up.) Now, would I invite the whole class over for a party? Don't know. Would you?