20 Kid Love Notes That Are So Pure It Hurts

Megan Zander | Jan 17, 2019 Big Kid
20 Kid Love Notes That Are So Pure It Hurts
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Telling our kids how much we love them is second nature. We share our feelings with them at bedtime, when we drop them off at school (unless they're too cool for it!) and anytime they need it -- like after a fall or when they've just had a breakdown because Alexa won't play Baby Shark. Some kids take this adoration in stride and rarely reciprocate. Others are great about telling us how much they love us right back. But if we're really lucky, our kids decide to tell us how they feel with a love note. 

A sappy card from a spouse or significant other or even gifts of flowers and chocolate will never melt our hearts the way a hand-crafted love letter from our children can. Maybe it's the adorable misspellings or the stick figure family and ... hearts? Are those squiggles hearts? But there's just something special about a child making the effort and taking the time to put his feelings down in crayon. 

Our kids' world is huge and exciting, with so much to play with and focus on. We think about them every second of every day, which makes it all the more special when they take time from their own activities to make something that shows us they care. A love note or drawing from  young children can be cherished for years to come as proof of their former adorableness, and a note from our tweens or teens reminds us there's affection hidden under all that eye rolling. 

Check out these 20 funny and heartwarming notes from kids to remember how #pure children can be, and why being a mom is the best job ever. 

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