Tweens Texting Nude Pics: What Should a Mom Do?

This is one of those things that we hear about more and more, and we know happens but pray our kids aren't involved. Well, unfortunately for snuglebuggie, the time to confront the issue of inappropriate (ie, nude pics!) texts between her daughter and another boy is now.


Her 11-year-old daughter received texted pictures of a boy's private parts--a boy she likes. It's enough to make a parent go ballistic, but instead, snuglebuggie would really appreciate our sound advice--not judgement. The following is her situation in her own words; it's worth reading it all. 

Hello, I need some advice.  My dd has been talking to this boy from school who she likes but he recently sent her a picture of his private area.  Basically, we were upset and explained to her that it was VERY WRONG to send something like that. We  explained to her that the boy obviously didn't respect her enough in the first place.   We told her she needs to tell him not to send anything like that again and so on. She was crying because she really likes him, but I don't know how else to let her know that he's a jack a_ _!! 

I also had her txt him to give us his home phone or to call us because I wanted to speak with his mother or father about it.  Needless to say it took him txting a couple of times asking why, and I had to finally get on the phone and txt saying that this is dd mother and would like for him to call. He said okay and did. My dd answered and told him that we found out about the picture. He said, " Omg,...are you okay?"  Then he said that he had to go get his mom and would call back.  It was over an hour and 1/2 before he txt back asking my dd how much trouble she got in. When I told her to ask him if his mom knew, he said yes and that she didn't want to talk to anyone because she is mad.  

I want to make sure his mom/dad knows what happened, but how can I find out?   What would you guys do?  I don't want to ruin school life for her but yet no one should get away with that either. Should I contact the school about this or leave it at that?  I basically feel that I need to teach my dd what is appropriate and not appropriate and what to do about it.  Any ideas on what else I can do for my dd? Punishment, etc?

Moms please chime in if you have faced a similar situation with your own child, or have specific suggestions on what she should do.

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