10 Winter Break Activities to Keep Everyone Sane



When the Christmas dust has settled, parents are faced with a harsh reality: they have at least a week to go when it comes to days off with the kids. And not that we all don't love extra time with our youngins, but, there are but so many "I'm boreds" we can take. 

To preserve everyone's sanity over the winter break, we've compiled a list of our favorite indoor activities to keep those idle hands occupied. These brilliant tutorials will teach you and your kids how to do everything from making fun games to goofy crafts to make those long winter break days -- or any upcoming snow days, full of fun!

  • Marshmallow Catapult

    This brilliant contraption courtesy of It's Always Autumn is the perfect way for kids to flex those engineering skills and blow off steam.

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  • Paint Chip Hunt 

    This is the perfect game  for younger kids who are just learning their colors. All they have to do is match the paint color with whatever they find in the house. Play your cards right and you could get quite a bit of time out of this one. 

  • DIY Robot

    Have a ton of holiday boxes around? Have the kids round them up and design their own robot costumes. All you need is a little tape, paints or crayons, and imagination. 

  • DIY Mini Skating Rink

    Kids will love this little science experiment-turned-game. There are tons of sensory experiences to be had if you just follow the instructions here

  • Reindeer Games

    OK, OK, OK, we are cheating a bit with this one. Yes, it is something you purchase -- but it's under $15 so it barely counts!

  • 'I'm Bored' Jar

    Take some time to write down activity suggestions, like games or crafts, and have the kids surprise themselves with fun suggestions. 

  • Indoor Obstacle Maze

    Have them burn off all that pent-up indoor energy with this fun "maze." What are a few strands of toilet paper compared to your kid's happiness?

  • Snow Day Bingo 

    Challenge kids to finish this bingo activity challenge and keep them occupied for hours. 

  • Snow Slime 

    We know, we know. Slime is the devil. But if it keeps them occupied... slime it up my friend. 

  • Balloon Tennis 

    This game should be fairly damage free to your living room and give the kids something to do.