5 and 6-Year-Old Try to Elope!

Two German children didn't quite make it to the altar, but they surely made a valiant effort.


According to the AFP news agency,  Mika and Anna-Lena, 5 and 6, started on a "trip" to Africa to elope--they packed bathing suits and sunglasses, naturally. Anna-Lena's 7-year-old big sis was with them (a witness maybe?) but as for adults? Um, nada.

A German police spokesman said the young "couple" were "very much in love" and wanted to get married in Africa " where it is warm."

The idea was hatched while the kids' vacationing parents slept in on New Year's Day. The trio snuck out and boarded a tram to another train station, with hopes of making it to the airport. Thankfully, a guard noticed them and asked what was up. Once he heard their outrageous plan, he tried to convince them that they wouldn't make it far without money and tickets--and the police handled it from there.

Ultimately, the kids were offered a tour of the police station while their frantic parents made their way to them.

How's that for puppy love?

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