New Study: Playgrounds Still Not Safe

Feel a little overprotective with your kids in the park? You're not exactly nuts. As though stranger danger isn't scary enough, a new national study found that more than 213,000 children under the age of 18 are treated each year in hospital emergency rooms for playground-related serious injuries.


Granted, parks and playgrounds are necessary for healthy child development--especially with childhood obesity on the rise in this country--but the truth is they are not exactly the safest places in the world. According to the report: climbers (monkeybars), swings and slides are the culprit behind the majority of the injuries, the upper extremities (arms and hands) and the head are where most injuries occur, and the kids who are most likely to get hurt are between age 5 and 12. Like mom Justanotherjen, who has some serious playground beef  ("Most of the swings are broken at our local park and the play structure is very unsafe for anybody."), I sort of do too. The standards for playground safety should be universal (and applied), in my neighborhood all playgrounds are definitely not created equal.


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