20 Indoor Toys to Keep Kids From Going Stir-Crazy This Winter

Megan Zander | Oct 22, 2018 Big Kid
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  • Klutz: Air Blast Cannon


    Offering a one-two punch of STEM and active play, kids can build their own air-powered cannon. It even comes with targets to hit, so the poor cat can nap in peace.

    Klutz: Air Blast Cannon ($25, Scholastic)

  • Ribbon Ninja


    This indoor combination of Capture the Flag and Tag lets kids sneak around each other to try to snatch three ribbons from their teammates. So much better than yelling, "No more wrestling!" all Saturday long.

    Ribbon Ninja ($20, HearthSong)

  • The Wiggle Box


    A great way to redirect kids who have lost themselves to the sillies, or just a fun game for an afternoon inside, this box is full of 80 active ideas to focus kids' energy. Do one or two to get them back to a calmer state, or challenge the family to finish the whole box in one sitting. 

    The Wiggle Box ($20, Amazon)

  • Indoor Rock Climbing Wall


    With the help of some tools and maybe a call to Grandpa, a study bedroom or basement wall can become the kids' own in home rock gym for hours of safe and active fun.

    Indoor Rock Climbing Wall Holds And Hardware ($28, Amazon)

  • Fitness Dice


    Kids will love rolling these giant dice and following their active instructions so much they won't even realize that they're getting a great workout while playing. 

    Fitness Dice ($14, Amazon)

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