20 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Creative Kids

Ashley Austrew | Oct 19, 2018 Big Kid
20 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Creative Kids
Image: SpinMaster

friendship bracelet maker

When the holiday season rolls around, it can actually be kind of tough to shop for the kids. There's no shortage of toys out there, but all the different options can leave parents confused, overwhelmed, and totally spent, in more ways than one. It's especially challenging when parents are shopping for a kid who has specific interests, like being creative, for example. There are a million kits and supplies available in stores, but which ones will kids really love? For those parents with kids who love arts and crafts, architecture, painting, science, and other DIY endeavors, welcome to the go-to list for all the best and most fun holiday finds.

From chemistry sets to kinetic sand, the fun and crafty gifts on this list come from top holiday toy lists by Toy Insider, Target, Amazon, and other sources to make sure parents are in the know about the best options for kids who love to explore their creative side. Whether the child is a preschooler who loves building with blocks, an elementary schooler who loves science or making friendship bracelets, or a tween with a penchant for engineering and interior design, these toys will inspire hours of creative play. And there's something on this list for children in every age range and to match any size budget.

Click through for some creative holiday gift inspiration and to get a jump on those Black Friday shopping lists. The budding crafters, scientists, magicians, artists, architects, and designers on every parent's holiday list will be majorly thrilled with these finds.

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