20 Target Halloween Costumes Kids Will Love

Kayla Boyd | Oct 2, 2018 Big Kid
20 Target Halloween Costumes Kids Will Love
Image: Target

Target Halloween Costumes for Kids

It is officially October, which means it is time for the kids to decide on their Halloween costumes. And one place that has a huge variety of costume options is a place that moms already tend to love ... Target! Man, they sure know how to make us fill our carts. We all know that Target has everything one could possibly need, but when it comes to the holidays, they really tend to outdo themselves. From bags of candy to pumpkin decorations, Target has got us covered for the Halloween season. And that includes a ton of costumes. Target is offering costumes for all ages, but the ones they have for kids are especially cute and fun! 

The magic of Halloween is that we all can dress up as anyone or anything that we want. Whether we want to be something funny, scary, or glamorous, wearing a costume is always a lot of fun. And that especially goes for the kiddos. As they prepare to trick-or-treat and walk in school Halloween parades, all they can probably think about is the perfect Halloween costume. So, we found some pretty awesome options that are on Target's website right now! Many of these costumes can be found in stores if families prefer to try them on. The retailer has some really good options of licensed costumes for Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, and other films like Trolls, Transformers, and Star Wars. There are also some more unusual ideas, like a peacock or a Tootsie roll. No matter where  kids' imaginations takes them, Target likely has a costume to fit their needs! Here are 20 Halloween costumes that kids are sure to love, available at Target now. 

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