MAC Cosmetics Had the Best Response to a Little Girl Who Dressed Up as a Makeup Artist for Career Day


little girl as mac employee

Many kids have no idea what they want to be when they grow up. Even some adults don't have a clue what their dream career is. That is not the case, however, for 7-year-old Cheyenne Temple. With a passion for beauty, Cheyenne attended her school's career day as a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist -- and her look was spot-on! 

  • Cheyenne's mom, Samantha, took to Twitter to share her daughter's beauty guru ensemble -- complete with a MAC T-shirt and a makeup belt. 

    "Newest MAC employee? I think so," the proud mom wrote in her tweet

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  • And to make things even better, the popular cosmetics brand responded to the tweet with the BEST response!  

    "She's hired!!! What does she need to fill her kit?!" the beauty brand tweeted

  • Understandably, Samantha said that her daughter would take "EVERYTHING" if she could. Same girl, same. 

    And MAC responded by asking Samantha to message the company. It sounds like Cheyenne is about to get all of the supplies she needs to get going on her makeup career! 

  • Not only is it amazing to see how supportive Samantha is of her little girl's dreams, but we also love to see major brands doing things like this.

    Hey Cheyenne -- do you want to do my makeup sometime?!

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