20 Mommy-Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas

Kayla Boyd | Sep 6, 2018 Big Kid
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  • Moana & Te Fiti Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    If Moana is the family favorite Disney movie, then this adorable costume is definitely one to consider. These Moana and Te Fiti costumes are gorgeous. 

  • Skeleton Mother-Daughter Costumes


    These skeleton looks are incredible! This mother and daughter are wearing matching jumpsuits with awesome skull makeup. 

  • Snow White & Evil Queen Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    Snow White and the Evil Queen are another fun pair to recreate. Their expressions in this photo are perfect and the "poison" apple completes the whole photo. 

  • Sailor Moon Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    Sailor guardians are a super cute costume idea. This mom and daughter even included grandma! They all look so pretty and colorful. 

  • Paper Doll Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    Paper dolls are a more creative option for a mother-daughter costume. Between their outfit and their makeup, these costumes go above and beyond! 

  • Wonder Woman Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    Wonder Woman is a super idea for a mother-daughter costume. And this duo totally has the pose down pat. 

  • Cruella & Dalmatian Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    This mom is Cruella de Vil and her daughter is a happy little Dalmatian. They look pretty darn cute. 

  • 'Star Wars' Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    This is a fun idea for Star Wars fans. The mom is Princess Leia and her daughter is Rey. Love it! 

  • Zombie Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    This mom and daughter are killing it with their zombie makeup. Honestly, we would be pretty scared if we ran into them. 

  • Unicorn Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    The unicorn trend lives on! Not only do these white fluffy costumes look super cute, but they also appear to be warm and cozy. 

  • Rosie the Riveter Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    Teach them all about girl power from a young age with matching Rosie the Riveter costumes. The bandanas and denim shirts are really all that's needed. 

  • Witches Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    Witchy mamas will love this one! Dressing up as a witch is a classic costume idea, but it's even more fun when there is a little witch to join in the fun. 

  • Black Cat Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    These matching cat costumes are sassy and fun with their ears and tutus. But the best part is probably those huge cat paws! 

  • 'Alice in Wonderland' Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    We are loving this over-the-top Queen of Hearts costume! And little Alice looks like she's having a ton of fun skipping through Wonderland. 

  • Baker & Cupcake Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    How sweet! A baker and her cupcake. This is a really creative idea. Her cupcake costume is perfect! 

  • 'Monsters, Inc.' Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    This mom looks  comfy in her Sulley costume and baby Boo is adorable! They even included Mike Wazowski! 

  • 'Big Comfy Couch' Mother-Daughter Costumes 


    Most '90s kids probably remember Loonette the Clown and her doll Molly from The Big Comfy Couch. This mom did a great job dressing up her and her little one as the nostalgic characters. 


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