Victoria's Secret Kids

When a conversation over the holidays with a certain fashionable 15-year-old turned to talk of Victoria's Secret PINK line, I'll admit, it didn't strike me as inappropriate. In as much as Vicky's Secret is known for thongs, the PINK line has cute cotton hoodies, PJs and undies. But what should have given me pause, perhaps, was my step-daughter's fascination with the racy undergarment brand in general.


In retrospect, I think I should have asked more about why she's so into Victoria's Secret; why of all the "designers," she thinks this one is so "hot."

If I had to guess, I'd say my teen-queen has seen her share of lingerie catalogues. No biggie, right? Well, IMO, those catalogs are not just selling bras; uh uh, they are selling sex and they are 100 percent selling skinny. Two very powerful and disturbing messages for young girls.

On that note, a concerned anonymous mother asked if it was inappropriate for an 11-year-old to wear Victoria's Secret. Apparently her daughter's bra-stuffing friend is way into the brand and totally has her mother's support.

Awkward silence. Maybe I shouldn't judge considering that I said nothing when my hubby's daughter expressed her own VS love. But, really, where does it go from here?


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