Parents, Can You See the Kid Drowning That Only a Lifeguard Spots?

Lifeguard Rescue
Youtube/Lifeguard Rescue

Spending the day at the pool with your kids can be the best part of your summer, but every parent knows the danger of not paying close enough attention. Take your eyes off the kids for a minute and disaster can happen, even though many assume that with a lifeguard and other parents around, nothing bad can happen. Unfortunately that isn't the case, and luckily for one little boy, an attentive lifeguard came to his rescue right away when his inner tube flipped over in a crowded public pool, causing him to sink. The video, which originally went viral in 2015 but and is still making waves, amazes viewers over the "Where's Waldo-like" catch. 

  • The amazing rescue happened when an eagle-eyed lifeguard caught a young boy at the exact moment his inner tube flipped over.

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  • She immediately springs into action and jumps in to make the rescue.

    In a crowd of happy pool patrons, it is almost impossible to spot the kid as his head sinks beneath the surface. He doesn't call out for help; the only sign that something is seriously wrong are his arms flailing out of the water.

  • Luckily, the lifeguard reaches the boy just in the nick of time.

    And she's able to make the save before anyone else around him realizes there's a life-threatening problem. 

  • She swiftly pulls him to safety, and her actions are a serious wakeup call to parents.

  • People are amazed at how little time it takes to go from swimming to drowning and that nobody else saw the danger.

    The video has been viewed more than 18 million times, and there is a good reason why. "She is amazing!" one user on Youtube wrote. "The fact that she noticed the boy in trouble so quickly, is what saved his life. Things can go wrong in an instant."

    And other users noted that the catch was truly a "where's Waldo" moment. 

    Who knows what would have happened if the lifeguard hadn't made the save as quickly as she did? It is often hard for lifeguards to be supervising the pool completely, which is why this rescue is truly astounding. The video is serving as an important reminder that if you really want to play it safe, always keep your eyes on your kids when you take them to the pool!

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