back to school lunch hack

All around the country, parents are dusting off the old backpacks and stocking up on new crayons and spiral notebooks because it's finally back to school time! For some families, school has already been in session for weeks. For others, the big day is still looming ahead and kids are still trying to enjoy every last second. But no matter when the first day officially hits, there's one thing pretty much all households have in common: we need to get ready, especially this year. After a summer of slacking off, lax routines, and a different schedule, it's finally time to put the house back together, get organized, and make sure things are in fighting shape for the new school year. Organization can truly help those busy weekday mornings go more smoothly, but who really knows where to start? 

There are books, pencils, markers, and new school clothes everywhere, and it's only going to get worse once school actually gets going. That's where the magic of the Internet comes in. Thanks to the brilliant people online, it's easy to find clever tricks for organizing everything from school lunches to hair ties to the piles and piles of artwork kids bring home every single day.

For parents who want to calm the chaos in their busy homes but aren't quite sure how to get started, this is the right place. We've put together a handy list of the smartest, cheapest, and most user-friendly back to school hacks to make getting ready for the new school year a total cinch. Click through to see 20 life-changing organization ideas that will make this back to school season the easiest and most successful one yet!

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