The Human Cookie Monster

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? My little one for sure. He loves sweets, but cookies? He'll do anything for them--anything. My house isn't really the best for sweet treats; I try to avoid having stuff around that I know the kids are going to beg for--and that I'm going to mostly say no to.


But this holiday we had a house full, and cookies too, abounded. You know the big tin of holiday sugar cookies? Well, I can't find a good enough hiding place that my son, the human cookie monster can't sniff out. When I caught him sneaking them last (cheeks full and one more in his hand) he said and I quote, "I was just kidding, mommy." It reminds me of the convenient/hilarious "It was an accident." line offered up by kids so easily.

"I ate all the Oreos mom. It was an accident." Argh!

Are your kids crazy for cookies? How often do you indulge your child's cookie cravings?

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