Man Tells His Kids They're Too Old to Call Him 'Daddy' & Sparks Major Debate

dad says kids can't call him daddy

The names our kids call us can be a very special, personal thing. Whether it's the traditional, English "mom and dad" or something completely different, it's not unusual for those names from childhood to stick. Still, as special as they are, they usually aren't a huge topic of discussion in most homes. But after one dad requested that his three kids (all ages 10 and under) stop calling him "Daddy" because they were getting too old, he sparked a pretty serious debate about whether or not the name is still "appropriate" past a certain age.

  • After her ex tried to suddenly ban their kids from calling him "Daddy," one mom asked for advice online.

    "My kids, 10, 9, and 7 years old, came home after the weekend [with their father and his live-in girlfriend] and told me that their father had told them they were too old to refer to him as 'daddy,'' the anonymous mom wrote on Mumsnet. According to Mom, the dad said his reasoning behind the "daddy ban" was because he thought "other kids would make fun of them." 

    The mom said that she was a bit shocked, since her kids have always referred to their dad as "Daddy" with no issues. She also brought up the fact that the man still refers to his own father as "Daddy."  After mentioning that her kids were pretty upset about having to make the abrupt change, she asked the other users on Mumsnet if she was "being unreasonable." 

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  • A lot of other moms on the forum were just as upset and confused by the entire situation.

  • Many thought that it's "bizarre" for a dad to judge his kids for wanting to call him "Daddy." 

    "There's no bloody age limit on it!" wrote one commenter. 

  • Others are standing up for anyone who still uses "Mommy" and "Daddy" even as adults.

    "Calling my parents 'mommy' and 'daddy' is normal where I'm from," wrote another user. 

  • Some took issue with the fact that he was trying to force his kids into changing. 

  • But others totally had Daddy -- er -- Dad's back and 100 percent agreed with the need for change. 

  • Some are adamant that it's past time for the kids to stop referring to their father as "Daddy."

  • Others also think Mom should stay out of the situation completely and let the dad dictate his own relationship with his kids. 

    "I think it's ok for him to decide what he should be called," wrote one commenter. "...If he prefers to be called dad then that's up to him." 

    Another user added, "One of the major rights we all have as individuals, parents or not, is deciding what we want other people to address us as, and encouraging someone to address someone else against their wishes is a terrible idea."

  • Some actually agreed with both parents -- saying the kids should call their dad what they want, but still be cautious about how they'll be perceived if they keep using "Daddy." 

    This debate surrounding parental names is definitely an interesting one. Although we haven't seen it come up often, it's obviously something that people have strong feelings about on both sides. I'm a mom who pretty much dreads the day her son stops calling her "Mama." But I'm also a firm believer that kids should make these decisions themselves, without being pushed to do it because other people might find it weird or uncomfortable.