Kid vs. Kid Can Get Saltier Than Obama vs. McCain

photo by cheezitrb

Moms of big kids, tell me, are the fights I'm refereeing at home these days between my young sons (who are nearly two years apart), an indication of worse things to come?! They go from being do-or-die best friends to arch enemies in a fraction of a second.


So far, my most successful recourse has been to threaten the silent treatment--that is, mommy's not talking to anyone until the fighting stops. Which it does--for another fraction of a second. I'm realizing that soon I will have to employ other tactics. Cornflakegirl3 who has two boys (11 and 9) and a girl (6), uses a two-pronged approach that sounds awesome (scroll down a few entries). She separates her kids and makes them play quietly in different rooms, (but here's the part I love) then she makes them write letters of apology to each other and to her! They have to explain why they are in trouble, and just what they are going to do to change. Diplomacy! Sounds like a plan! Any other great suggestions to promote peace at home?

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