Co-Ed Play Dates: Fine or a No-No?

photo by newbill

These two cuties are brother and sister.

Just thinking. Play dates are picking up around my house and I know that once we get back to school on Monday, I'm going to be hit with the "Can Giana and I have a play date?" question. Both my son and Giana ask me this about once a week. They are only in kindergarten, so for now I manage to blow them off with slight distractions. But the truth is, I just don't know if a co-ed play date is okay.


Giana really digs my boy. She waits for him to arrive every morning and she makes sure that they have the same "choice time" everyday. My son can be aloof; sometimes he notices her attention, sometimes not. (Oh, how I wish Giana would spread the love and focus on him a little less.) It's way too early to call what they have a crush, but it sure feels that way when I watch her watch my son with adoring eyes. It's innocent; it really is. For all I know, Giana's into him because they both love blocks, or painting or the color blue. Perhaps it has nothing at all to do with him being a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) little boy.

If she were to come over, what would they play with? His cars, animals and trains? I'm all for equality of the sexes, but what in the world does that look like at 5?

Has anyone else dealt with this co-ed play date dilemma with their youngish big kids? What do you say--yea or nay?

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