50 Gender-Neutral Birthday Party Ideas That Promise Massive Fun for Everyone

Michele Zipp | Feb 22, 2018 Big Kid
50 Gender-Neutral Birthday Party Ideas That Promise Massive Fun for Everyone
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Birthday parties should be fun no matter who the birthday kid is. Considering themes and styles, parents can make themselves dizzy with all the choices out there. Sure, there are cute boy- and girl-specific ideas, but what about ideas that can work for any kids and their guests? We narrowed it down to our favorite inspiring party details that work no matter who's celebrating. These are some of the best gender-neutral birthday party ideas ever.

When planning a gender-neutral birthday party, consider color. Go with every hue for an incredible rainbow theme, or choose a few colors that blend well and go wild. Let those colors be part of everything -- decor, goodie bags, even costumes if kids are up for that. A rainbow of colors feels happy and joyful, and it's a guarantee that all guests will see their favorite. But we also can't forget about the power of black and white. The contrasting scheme is extra exciting for the littlest eyes, but it also has a chic feel for the fashionable kid.

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Also consider theme. Kids tend to love animals; they can be a cartoon-ish style or a more realistic take on favorites like owls, bears, pandas, tigers, or really any combination of beautiful beasts. More themes to consider include outer space, carnival, a favorite subject like science, or an all-around kid favorite: monsters.

This collection has a lot to consider and plenty of choices for a gender-neutral birthday bash.

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