"Shut Up, Mom!" Disrespectful Kids

photo by kevinsgirl

Kids have so many personalities!

Like it or not, most moms tend to emulate their own mother's parenting style. It's also fair to say that most of us will make improvements and adjustments along the way, but a large part of what we deem acceptable comes from home. If your mother was a disciplinarian, chances are you will be too.


So the question is, were you a disrespectful kid? If so, how did your mother handle it?  mom2b23869 has a friend who is dealing with blatant disrespect from her 9-year-old daughter that, of all things, has told her to, "Shut up!" Whoa. To mom2b23869's credit , she is helping her friend look for alternative punishments that include no hitting.

Another issue is the way some mother's talk to their own children, check out this post: Do you tell your child to shut-up?

Does your child tell you to "shut up?" If so, how do you handle it? I have a feeling that for some moms, "shut up" requires punishment that's not so alternative after all.

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