Mom Leaves Kids in Freezing Car for Over an Hour to Go to a Job Interview

freezing frosted over car Winter

A mom in Indianapolis, Indiana, is under fire after allegedly leaving her 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter alone in her car in the parking lot of a hospital while she went on a job interview, reports local news outlet WXIN. Police say the kids were left in the freezing car for more than an hour.


According to the police report, the children ultimately left the car and went to the front desk at Community Hospital North, where they "appeared to be cold with a pale skin tone and (were) slightly shivering. The kids advised they were freezing … and walked in on their own because they were cold and scared." The temperature outside of the vehicle was just 5 degrees, and although the mom said she left the car running, law enforcement at the scene said they saw the windows frosted over. They also later concluded that the temperature inside the car had only been 10 degrees.

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"No matter what temperature it is, it's always a bad idea to leave young children in a car by themselves," Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine explained, according to WXIN. "... Hypothermia sets in instantly. As soon as you get in these cold temperatures, in a matter of minutes your body goes into a hypothermic state and it can be detrimental to anyone, especially a child."

Though a report was made with CPS and sent to the child abuse division, the mom wasn't arrested. Still, those commenting on news outlets' Facebook posts about the story have slammed her as negligent and disregarding "common sense," while others had more sympathy for her situation.

Local Indianapolis law enforcement acknowledged that finding child care can be difficult for parents, but when it comes down to a situation like this one, where extreme temperatures are at play, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Perrine said, "Take the children inside with you. I know finding a babysitter is not always an option, but take them inside. It's not always convenient, but safety isn't always convenient and you have to make sure you do things the safe way."

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