In 2009...


The world is mine!

On my honeymoon in Jamaica.

...I have a lot I plan to achieve.

Resolutions is such a strong word, it intimidates me a little because when one is resolute, nothing should stop her from her mission. Not that I'm not there--resolute, I mean--but this year is not going to be about beating myself up about anything. I'm going to embrace change, because it's so clearly in the air, but recognize that change comes slowly. 2009 is going to be the year I fall fully in love with myself, it's the year I will grow confident and empowered in the places where I feel insecure and powerless. What gets accomplished will be celebrated and what does not will be put in proper perspective.

Here we go...the '09 Make It Happen List

  • finish the book proposal and get back to fiction writing
  • travel to my parents Virgin Island home at least three times (and call them everyday)
  • spend more time playing, reading, talking, cooking, laughing, sharing with my boys
  • take advantage of my health insurance--hello dermatologist!
  • create collages and dreamboards--be the force of change in my own life
  • forget about being politically correct and just be correct
  • take more pictures and organize the ones I have
  • not take my amazing friends for granted
  • focus on finances: save, save, save
  • buy more music--all kinds--and keep exposing my children to the arts
  • go on dates with my husband--wear my heels
  • do the Spanish Rosetta Stone
  • use the cook books, not just look at them
  • fold the clothes right out of the dryer (well, I'll try)
  • stay up on international affairs, truly be a citizen of the world

Happy New Year! Best of health, loads of happiness to you moms on CM. It's been fabulous getting to know you. Let's talk even more next year! What's on your 2009 agenda?



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kathy... kathyabrose

Wow! What an awesome list. I love that you call it a Make It Happen list rather than a to do list or resolutions. These are things that you obviously care about and want to make happen, but you realize they might not all happen each and every day (folding clothes right out of dryer. You seem to sense  like most of us you are a work in progress and as llong as you keep trying to make things happen they will. Go for it Kierna! Let me know how things go. Take care!


Cafe... Cafe Kierna

Oh, I'm definitely a work in progress. Thanks so much, Kathy, for your vote of confidence. May your New Year bring all that you desire and more!

jmdupl jmdupl

Great and inspiring list.  A lot of what you have is what I want to work on too!  Good luck

omted... omteddy2006

Loved the list and the spirit behind it! Just a quick you think your parents would mind if my family made three trips to their Virgin Island home? laughingLOL

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